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Brunch in South Tyrol
More than a breakfast on our wonderful sun terrace

There is always an occasion for a brunch. During an extensive breakfast the family celebration, the wedding or the party of the night before fade away in a so beautiful way. All come together again in friendly company and enjoy together a wealth of culinary surprises on a large table. Or you start with a brunch in South Tyrol at our mountain cabin for a sunny day in the mountains. Perhaps you are already our guest and would like to enjoy a delightful breakfast before embarking on new adventures on the Plose or in Brixen?


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Our rich breakfast with South Tyrolean specialties …

Brunch is extremely popular

But where the beautiful custom come from? “Brunch” is a contraction of the words “breakfast” and “lunch” together. Thus, the brunch is settled between the regular breakfast and lunch, but can also be extended until the afternoon. At the end of the 19th century in cookbooks from England various breakfast types appear,  among which also the “All you can eat” model can be found. So it was only a matter of time until this particular breakfast form came to continental Europe and conquered South  Tyrol as well as brunch.

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Our breakfast is a treat for your palate

But let’s take a look at our brunch breakfast: Just follow the smell of coffee or enjoy a freshly squeezed juice. We are pleased to serve you a glass of wine or sparkling prosecco. First, we offer a breakfast, where nothing is missing. Ranging from fresh baked rolls over delicious jam to salmon, you can feast on food, including many fresh, natural products, fresh farm and home made products including many classic South Tyrolean specialties.

Brunch Voucher & Bookings

For your brunch with us in South Tyrol, we offer all year round vouchers. So you can do your loved ones a favor. As our brunches are so popular in paradise mountains, we ask you in any case to contact us early and reserve. Our brunch table is open on weekends from 9.00 to 10.30 for you.

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Brunch & Breakfast in South Tyrol
A sneak peek of what awaits you …