Törggelen in Brixen – South Tyrol
Enjoy the culinary autumn at our hut

Törggelen in the Eisacktal – Only the thought let people’s mouth water far over the Alpine region, evokes memories of autumnal exhilarating excursions and of a stop in a typical South Tyrolean farm tavern with all the delicacies and specialties waiting there. If there is an overarching term for South Tyrolean way of life, for the joy of celebration, the lived traditions and warm hospitality, it’s probably our Törggelen. In Brixen and its surroundings you have arrived in the stronghold of this beautiful custom. And our restaurant “ban rutzner” will welcome you in a hearty tavern, as it befits to the Törggelen time. Do you want to enjoy a variety of dining experiences from the Eisack valley, to socializing, music and good entertainment? Visit us next Törggelen in Brixen and enjoy our delicacies!


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The best practice in golden autumn in South Tyrol …

Homemade Törggelen-specialties

To a lively Törggelen table round, next wine and grape juice, belong also South Tyrolean bread, bacon and smoked sausages, roasted chestnuts and nuts, and many other hot and cold South Tyrolean specialties. In our tavern we spoil you for example with homemade bacon dumplings, ravioli or homemade sausage with sauerkraut which we prepare with love following old recipes, which are typical for the Törggelen in Brixen. Many of our guests come specifically because of the delicious temptations that can be found like this only with us at the “ban rutzner” and whose ingredients often come from the farm.

Toerggelen South Tyrol
Autumn hiking

Autumn hiking with a Törggele stop

During Törggelen time in the Eisack valley – as the good tradition wants – you hike in September and October by our wine villages. Why not to combine your walk on the Plose or mountain bike ride in the Eisack valley with a retreat with us. Moreover in autumn in South Tyrol our mountain hut welcomes also closed groups of up to 60 people who want to celebrate and enjoy the Törggelen together. Please reserve early!


Törggelen at the “ban rutzner”
Genuine hospitality, fun & delicious food …